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A Touch Of Maple

This gift basket has a touch of delicious maple and would be a great Canadian themed basket for any occasion. They’re sure to love the maple popcorn, maple fudge, maple cream cookies, a jug of maple syrup, Canadian moose droppings (chocolate covered almonds) smoked salmon, Fine French truffles, maple cream chocolate bar and 2 hot sipping chocolates or refreshing beverages (seasonal), all carefully arranged in a wicker basket with a cotton liner. This gift basket is perfect for anyone who loves all things maple.



All For You

This gorgeous arrangement is a unique gift to send to someone special! We fill a glass vase with Theatre size Reese’ Peanut Butter Cups, 2 Hersheys chocolate bars, Sugar Babies, a large Sweettart roll, Nerds, Mike and Ike, a large roll of sour Sweettarts and an old fashioned box of heart message candies. Accented with cellophane and a large bow.



Baby Cookie Bouquet

A collection of baby blocks to welcome the new baby! This cookie bouquet makes a great gift to welcome the new baby especially because you can customize the size of the bouquet to the size of the family. Send a larger bouquet for sharing for a family who already has other children. Each bouquet comes with one theme cookie of your choosing. Choose from baby boy, baby girl, baby (when you don’t know the gender), or congratulations.



Canadian Maple Gift Basket

This Canadian Maple gift basket is a tribute to the maple tree. A replica maple sap collection pail is filled with a delicious assortment of gourmet Canadian treats, including maple popcorn, smoked salmon, French truffles, maple chocolate milkshake mix, maple cream cookies, moose droppings (chocolate covered almonds), maple fudge, maple syrup, maple cream chocolate bar, strawberry preserves, and Upper Canada maple sugar lip balm. This patriotic gift basket is wrapped in cellophane and topped with a Canadian flag.



Candy Comfort

Send them get well wishes with this candy bouquet designed in a die cut gift box that looks like an old fashioned doctor’s bag. Inside you’ll find get well caramel popcorn, Nerds, Fun Dip, Hot Tamales, Laffy Taffy, Gobstoppers, Sugar Babies, a theatre size Hershey’s bar and 2 lollipops.



Candy Crush

This gift is filled to the brim with delicious candy treats including Laffy Taffy, a large bag of cinnamon Jelly Belly, Theatre box of Hot Tamales, Nerds, Skittles, KitKat bar, Kinder chocolate bar, a single serve solid milk chocolate heart, Theatre size Starburst and a Lindt chocolate truffle heart.



Classic Candy Bouquet

The classic candy basket carefully arranged in a bright, festive gift basket! Inside you will find Pringles, Nerds, Runts, Razzles, Sweettarts, Bottlecaps, Necco wafers, Good N Plenty, a KitKat bar, Big Red gum, Laffy Taffy, Dots, Gobstoppers, Starburst, TicTacs, Sugar Babies and Toffifay.



Crazy Daisies

A fun cookie bouquet filled with funny face daisies and one theme cookie to match your occasion. Choose from birthday, get well, my apologies, thanks, congratulations, rest in peace sweet youth, to brighten your day (shown), happy anniversary, baby girl, baby boy or baby for the theme cookie.




Be creative when sending this cookie bouquet! Of course, its great for a birthday, but it would also be a great way to welcome a new baby with siblings or brighten someone’s day. Customize this bouquet with one of our theme cookies below and you’ll have a one of a kind gift, created by you. Theme cookies include: birthday (shown), my apologies, thanks, rest in peace sweet youth, to brighten your day, congratulations, happy anniversary, baby girl, baby boy or baby



Gifts of Love

Unique candy bouquet filled with delicious treats and topped with a balloon, this gift is fun to receive and a pleasure to enjoy! Included is a theater box of Hot Tamales, a large bag of cinnamon Jelly Belly jelly beans, 2 Toblerone bars, Sweettart roll, Laffy Taffy, 2 assorted Nerds, Mentos and a 7″ plush gorilla.



Happy Birthday “Cupcake” with Smile Balloon

This bright and cheerful birthday gift basket is filled with a delicious  collection of treats and sweets that will make anyone’s birthday happy! Inside this fun birthday gift basket they will find gourmet ice tea, Jelly Belly jelly beans, sour cherry candies, a Toblerone chocolate bar, chocolate chip cookies and gourmet snack mix. This birthday gift basket makes a sweet birthday gift to celebrate their special day. These tasty goodies are all packed into a gift box with a 9″ happy birthday balloon and wrapped in festive birthday cellophane and topped off with a hand tied bow. This very affordable cupcake themed birthday gift basket is a great way to send happy birthday wishes without breaking the bank.



It’s In the Basket

You want it? It’s In the Basket! This candy bouquet if chock full of yummy treats. Pringles potato chips, Nerds, Gobstoppers, Bottle Caps, Runts, Razzles, Dentyne gum (2 pack), Mike & Ike, Mentos mints, Sweettarts, a lollipop and Skittles.