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A Touch Of Maple

This gift basket has a touch of delicious maple and would be a great Canadian themed basket for any occasion. They’re sure to love the maple popcorn, maple fudge, maple cream cookies, a jug of maple syrup, Canadian moose droppings (chocolate covered almonds) smoked salmon, Fine French truffles, maple cream chocolate bar and 2 hot sipping chocolates or refreshing beverages (seasonal), all carefully arranged in a wicker basket with a cotton liner. This gift basket is perfect for anyone who loves all things maple.



Canadian Maple Gift Basket

This Canadian Maple gift basket is a tribute to the maple tree. A replica maple sap collection pail is filled with a delicious assortment of gourmet Canadian treats, including maple popcorn, smoked salmon, French truffles, maple chocolate milkshake mix, maple cream cookies, moose droppings (chocolate covered almonds), maple fudge, maple syrup, maple cream chocolate bar, strawberry preserves, and Upper Canada maple sugar lip balm. This patriotic gift basket is wrapped in cellophane and topped with a Canadian flag.



Tastes From Canada Gift Basket

This attractive Canadian gift basket is filled with authentic Canadian tastes from across the country,  like tasty maple cream cookies, maple syrup, 2 packages of moose droppings (chocolate covered almonds), a Canada milk chocolate bar, maple popcorn, chocolate fudge, maple fudge, maple balsamic mustard and old dominion cashew brittle. Each gift basket is embellished with maple leaves and topped with a Canadian flag, and is sure to be warmly received in the true Canadian spirit. Share your  love for all things Canadian with a gorgeous “Tastes From Canada” Gift Basket today!