The King of Baskets

The King of gift baskets, this gift is meant to impress! Inside you will find bags of Godiva truffles in milk, dark and assorted, a large box of Maitre pralines, a large box of Lindt Luxury truffles, a large box of chocolate drenched cookies, a large box of chocolate biscuits, a large box of coconut cookies, olives (2 boxes), 3 pepper blast dip, a large cutting board, cheese knife, salmon pate, brie cheese, camembert cheese, 2 large boxes of crackers, a large tub filled with single serve esspresso candies, a large tin of old fashioned fruit drops, Lilles’ chocolate cookies, Lilles’ lemon cookies, cashew roca (2 boxes) almond biscotti, blueberry snaps, cranberry snaps, 2 goumet coffees, milk chocolate latte w/ espresso bar, olive oil baguette crisps, cashew brittle and two each of garlic and herb, garden vegetable and tomato basil cheese spreads. It is even more amazing in person!


Product Description

This gift basket includes:

  • Godiva truffles-milk
  • Godiva truffles-dark
  • Godiva truffles-assorted
  • large box of Maitre pralines
  • lg box of Lindt Luxury truffles
  • large box of Griesson cookies
  • large box of assorted chocolate biscuits
  • large box of coconut cookies
  • olives (2 boxes)
  • smoked salmon (2 boxes)
  • 3 pepper blast dip
  • a large cutting board
  • cheese knife
  • salmon pate
  • brie cheese
  • camambert cheese
  • 2 large boxes of crackers
  • garlic and herb cheese spread x2
  • garden vegetable cheese spread x 2
  • tomato basil cheese spread x 2
  • cashew brittle
  • olive oil baguette crisps
  • milk chocolate latte w/ espresso bar
  • 2 gourmet coffee
  • cranberry snaps
  • blueberry snaps
  • almond biscotti
  • cashew roca (2 boxes)
  • Lille’s lemon cookies
  • Lille’s chocolate cookies
  • a large tin of old fashioned fruit candies
  • a large plastic tub of individually wrapped espresso candies
Additional Information
Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 20 x 19 in